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Wandering Traveler

Individual Therapy

Supporting change in your life's journey

People come to therapy for a number of reasons and each one is unique...


Perhaps your having difficulty in interpersonal relationships or feeling anxiety about the future.


You may be feeling confused or overwhelmed and are having difficulty with coming to terms with issues of the past. 


You may be experiencing significant life changes and finding yourself unsure of how to navigate the road you are now on.  


Perhaps you have lost your sense of purpose and happiness; feeling "stuck" in life and unsure how, or what, to do next.


You may want to change problematic or addictive behaviors but you have been unable to do this on your own and are unsure where to turn next.


Many people come to therapy only after trying to solve problems the way they have in the past. A person may feel overwhelmed by the time they seek professional help; at times, feeling immersed in an impending crisis. It can be difficult to reach out for support but something needs to change.

You don't have to do it alone. 


By recognizing you need help, you are beginning the steps needed to approach the issue in a different way.

Through the process of individual therapy, we will work together to resolve ongoing issues, make needed changes and move forward with goals you have set for your life. 

Call me to schedule an appointment today.

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