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Frequently Asked Questions

Is counseling right for me?

Professional counseling is different from talking with a friend or family member about problems. As a professional counselor, I have extensive training in the assessment and treatment of mental health disorders, substance use issues  and problematic behaviors.

I provide a safe, caring and confidential space for us to explore the core issues of problems that are impacting your life. Counseling requires trust and collaboration to work through issues. Together, we can actively work towards finding solutions, approaching challenges from an alternative perspective and learning skills and strategies to make meaningful life changes.

Our work together is protected by laws regarding confidentiality and ethical commitments that are the responsibility of a Licensed Professional Counselor. Please be sure to read the forms provided regarding limitations of confidentiality. 

Psychotherapy can be helpful alone, or in conjunction with medications, to address a number of issues including; mental health disorders, behavioral issues, substance use disorders and interpersonal problems. Although psychotherapy is an effective treatment for many issues, client's experiences and timelines in therapy will vary from individual to individual. If you feel that therapy is not benefiting you, I will assist you with securing alternative options for treatment if you wish. 

What should I expect in therapy?

Therapy starts with an accurate assessment of current issues, your goals for treatment, including your wants and needs. During your first session we will talk about the reason you are seeking therapy, any current challenges you are experiencing, your medical and developmental history, your social history, any past and current substance use, and previous psychiatric history.

I will also ask about your current supports, personal strengths, hobbies, leisure activities, spirituality, and what life will be like when you reach your goals. 

An accurate assessment will help us determine the appropriate course of your therapy and help create a "road map" for reaching your goals.


It is important for us to define short and long term goals, so we can mutually asses how well therapy is working for you. I have assessed hundreds of clients and know some people can feel anxious about the proposition of talking to someone new about personal matters. For more information, please review the "Forms" section and familiarize yourself with the Client Intake packet. I can help you complete paperwork during our session if this is needed.


Trust takes time, and getting to know each other better during the initial assessment will help you to determine if I am the right counselor for you. 



I am experiencing economic difficulty and wonder if you offer  short term hardship accommodations?

I am committed to offering accessibility to quality mental health services at reasonable rates. I offer a limited number of short-term/hardship accommodations for individuals who would otherwise be unable to pay the full cost of therapy. Please contact me to discuss if this option is available.

I have a busy schedule. What hours and days do you offer?

My current hours are 10:00 am- 7:00 pm Monday-Friday.


Session are by appointment only. Please note, that session times can fill up quickly, so I recommend ensuring you secure a time and day that work best for your schedule.  

For more information regarding expectations of 24 hour cancellation please read more in the Forms section.

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