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Couples Therapy

A Place to Renew, A Place to Connect

A lasting relationship between two committed people can take some work. Life is filled with changes and not everyone changes in the same way, or at the same time.

Learning to work together to navigate life's changes and challenges as team may be difficult at times.

As a couple, you may find yourselves struggling with how to move forward with resolving conflicts in the relationship.

Perhaps you wish to increase the loving connection you have, but are unsure of how to make the changes necessary to improve your relationship. 


Couples therapy can help with improving communication, developing a greater understanding of healthy relationships, increasing trust and intimacy between partners, and improving current relationships patterns. As a couples Therapist, I support both partners in making positive and lasting changes in your relationship.


Couples therapy can help you with developing skills and strategies to improve:

Emotional Intimacy

Physical Intimacy 


Parenting as a Unified Pair

Balancing Work/Home Demands

Conflict Resolution 

Coping with a Partner's Health  Changes

Stress Management as a Couple.

Contact me to find out more and if Couples Therapy is right for you.


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